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Incident, Problem & Breach Mgt Awareness+ - IPBM112

List of Courses

  1. Incident Management Awareness Part I - CS00401
  2. Incident Management Awareness Part II - CS00402
  3. Breach Notification Awareness Part I - CS00301
  4. Problem Management Awareness Part I - CS00601


1. Awareness – Refer to Awareness Bundle 1

2. Part II of the course will enhance your understanding of the incident management process. It starts with identifying incidents, critical success factors, and key performance indicators specific to IM. You will also learn about the ITIL framework-based IM Process Workflow.

3. The objective of incident management is to restore the service as quickly as possible, while problem management deals with solving the underlying root cause of one or more incidents. 

4. The Problem Management Awareness course will enable you to gain and apply the skills and techniques to your own organization to establish problem management best practices. You will learn when and how to implement a problem control process, understand the workarounds, develop policy and procedures, and define critical success factors as well as key performance indicators. 


Price: 160
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