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Healthcare Awareness - HAB711

List of Courses

  1. HITRUST Foundation Part I - CO00601
  2. Social Engineering & Phishing Awareness Part I - CS00103


1. HITRUST Alliance is composed of leaders from the healthcare industry in the pursuit of a more coherent approach to healthcare security. The HITRUST security maturity evaluation and points process award healthcare providers a certification. This certification verifies that the company followed the Common Security Framework (CSF).

2. The HITRUST Foundation Part I course is designed to ensure employees understand the importance of HITRUST and fulfill the HITRUST training requirements. The series of HITRUST courses are useful for compliance, cybersecurity, information technology, and audit professionals to enhance security and compliance skills.

 3. In Phishing Awareness Part I, you will learn about social engineering attacks, types of attacks, attack techniques, and telltale signs of phishing attacks providing employees with deep knowledge of social engineering attacks. The course is designed for organizations that must comply with the regulatory requirements, support phishing awareness campaigns, and educate employees about the impact of social engineering attacks, especially those exposed to private data, financial data, and highly sensitive and confidential data. 

Price: 80
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