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Access Control PAM Awareness Bundle - ACPAM911

List of Courses

  1. Access Control Awareness Part I - CS00201
  2. Privileged Access Management (PAM) Part I - CS00203



1. Who should access your company’s data? How do you ensure that only authorized and authenticated users access the data? Cybersecurity starts with effective control over access to information systems. Access control is an important security issue for businesses of all sizes. From the largest corporations employing specialized security controls to the salesperson on a service call opening their smartphone with a thumbprint, everyone encounters access control at some time during their workday. Access control prevents unauthorized access, records authorized access, protects the company from physical loss, and protects employees and customers from outside threats.

2. Part I of the PAM course provides an overview of the privileges, how they are created, granted, etc., and the benefits of privileged access management. You will learn about privileged accounts, the types of privileged accounts,  the privileged service accounts, privilege-related risks, and challenges. The course enhances knowledge in the areas of  privileged threat vectors (external and internal),  how hackers compromise the privileged accounts and study the privilege access management best practices.


Price: 80
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