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Individual Courses

B2C Off the Shelf Course Pricing
Individual Course Pricing Rs.1599.02 $19.99

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Bundle Courses

Choose any courses and combine them with any bundle subscription to meet your training needs
B2B Bundles Pricing
B2B Bundles Names Awareness Awareness+ Advanced Professional
B2B Bundles Pricing India (RS.) 3198.4 6396.8 9595.2 12793.6
B2B Bundles Pricing US ($) 39.98 79.96 119.94 159.92

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Online compliance offers a secure, affordable way to get certified with no interruptions and less paperwork.

SecuRetain’s Awareness, Awareness+, Advanced, Professional bundle subscriptions are designed to meet your specific needs. The courses are priced per seat per user.

Certification Courses

Choose any certification course and get Certificate to to meet your training needs.
Certifications Pricing
Certification Self Paced Course Pricing Rs.31999.02 $399.99
Certification Blended Course Pricing Rs.31999.02 $399.99
Certification Classroom Course Pricing Rs.31999.02 $399.99

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Bundle Subscription

Per Course - Per User - Per Month
Choose a subscription package that's right for you. Affordable prices per Course per user.

Subscription Pricing
Course/User/Month 1/1/6 1/1/12 2/1/6 2/1/12
Price 119.94 239.88 239.88 479.76

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