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For Corporates

Choose any courses and combine them with any bundle subscription to meet your training needs
Bundle Subscription Choose any Functional Growth Industry
Brass 10 courses
Bronze 20 courses
Silver 30 courses
Gold 40 courses
Platinum 50 courses
Diamond 60+ courses

Online compliance offers a secure, affordable way to get certified with no interruptions and less paperwork.

SecuRetain’s Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond bundle subscriptions are designed to meet your specific needs. The courses are priced per seat per user.

Choose a subscription package that's right for you. Affordable prices per seat per user.

Bundle subscription
Per Course - Per Seat - Per Year
10 to 24 $39.99 $41.99 $42.99 $44.99 $45.99 $47.99
25 to 50 $30.00 $31.00 $33.00 $34.00 $35.00 $36.50
51 to 100 $25.00 $26.00 $27.00 $29.00 $30.50 $32.00
101 to 500 $20.00 $22.00 $23.00 $25.00 $27.50 $28.50
501 to 1000 $15.00 $17.00 $18.00 $20.00 $21.00 $22.50
1001 & Above Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote

For Individuals

Choose any courses to meet your training needs.
Subscription Pricing - Per Year Monthly Subscription Payment Total
6 Courses for 12 months $37.50 $449.94
12 Courses for 12 months $74.99 $899.88
24 Courses for 12 months $149.98 $1799.76

CPE Courses

Individual can take advantage of special payment plans. Continue to earn CPE by you using flexible payment plans.

* All our 1 hour courses are Priced at $74.99. Special Discounts are also available.

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